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McDonald Roofing Offers New Roof Management Tool for Clients

We are proud to announce our new interactive roof management tool. This exciting new tool will provide greater flexibility and reporting for our clients.

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Roof Life Cycle Management Program

Our Roof Life Cycle Management Program is designed to maintain and extend the life of your roof at a lower per foot cost than what you ever thought possible. McDonald Roofing has been an industry leader in roof asset management for over two decades. We’ve pioneered our own inspection methodology and designed our own reporting software.

Our Roof Sentry Program is custom designed to meet your needs. Roof Sentry is not a one-size-fits-all checklist inspection. Roof Sentry provides you with the information you need to cost effectively manage your most important building asset.

Our Roof Sentry program is so unique we won’t put it on our website for competitors to preview. Please contact us at: (517) 764-1336 to see how our Roof Sentry Program will:

  • Keep your facility in the dry

  • Lower your per foot maintenance cost

  • Extend the life of the roof

  • Maintain compliance with the terms of your manufacturer’s warranty

Experience matters - McDonald inspectors are roofers first.


Your Roof Sentry information can be kept securely on line for easy access. Use our Request for Quote Form

RoofSenty - Life Cycle Management Program
A lot of expense to ignore

  • Damage from other trades
  • Impact of weather
  • Normal preventative maintenance

RoofSenty Life Cycle Management program