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McDonald Roofing Offers New Roof Management Tool for Clients

We are proud to announce our new interactive roof management tool. This exciting new tool will provide greater flexibility and reporting for our clients.

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Common Roof Systems

EPDM System - Often referred to as rubber single ply roof, typically black but new white product is available. Excellent proven track record over past 4 decades. Can be adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted with river rock. Typical thickness 45 millimeter or 60 millimeter. Seams are adhered. Not designed for ponding water. Most EPDM membrane can be recycled. More...
PVC System - White single ply roof; other colors are often available. Seams are heat welded. Ponding water is acceptable condition. Excellent solar reflectivity. Popular cool roof http://www.coolroofs.org membrane. Thickness up to 80 millimeters. Excellent stability. More...
TPO System - Newer single ply system that utilizes heat welded seams similar to PVC. Ponding water is acceptable condition. Typically white but some manufactures have grey or tan. Excellent solar reflectivity. Popular cool roof http://www.coolroofs.org/ membrane. Thickness up to 80 millimeters. More...
Built Up Roof or BUR System - The old asphalt system is a proven performer but due to high cost of asphalt and fumes variations of asphalt products are currently used. Popular are cold applied systems. Surfacing can be gravel or aluminum coating supplying good solar reflectivity. More...
Modified System - Often mistakenly referred to as single ply. This system is an asphalt based product often with granules in a variety of colors. Typically adhered or heat applied. Depending on granules this system will also quality as a cool roof membrane. http://www.coolroofs.org

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